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Anti-scratch Masterbatch for automotive interiors

Anti-scratch masterbatches were designed to greater scratch & Mar resistance for thermoplastics industry, so as to meet high scratch requirements like PV3952, GM14688 for automotive industry. We hope meet more and more demanding requirements via products upgrading.

For many years we have been closely collaborating with our customers and suppliers on products optimization.

Recommend product : Anti-scratch Masterbatch LYSI-306C

 Dashboard & Instrument Panels

 Center console

 Pillar trim 


Long-term scratch resistance

No odors, low VOC emission

No tackiness / sticky under accelerated aging test and natural weathering exposure test

Recommend product :Anti-scratch Masterbatch LYSI-306C

Key test instrument

 Key test instrument:

Erichsen 430-1






 Key data


With 1.5% LYSI-306C, ∆L value rapidly reduce to 0.6

Key data
Low VOC emission

 Low VOC emission