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Processing aids for wood plastic

WPC, as a new type of environment-friendly composite material with advantages of wood and plastic, has attracted great attention of both wood industry and plastic processing industry. Products are widely applicated in construction, furniture, decoration, transportation and automotive fields, and wood fiber materials are widely sourced, renewable, low-cost, and has less wear on processing equipment. The SILIMER 5322 lubricant, a structure that combines special groups with polysiloxane, can greatly improve the inner and outer lubricant properties and performance of wood-plastic composites while reducing production costs.

Recommend Product:SILIMER 5322


 PP, PE, HDPE, PVC,etc wood plastic composites


1) Improve processing, reduce extruder torque;

2) Reduce internal & external friction、energy consumption and increase output;

3) Good compatibility with wood powder, don’t affect the forces between the molecules of the wood plastic composite and maintains the mechanical properties of the substrate itself;



4) Improve hydrophobic properties, reduce water absorption;

5) No blooming, long-term smoothness.