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Super slip masterbatch for Films

Generally, there are problems such as poor smoothness, precipitation and poor lubricity . . . SILIKE film super slip masterbatch is beneficial to improve the anti-block, hot slip, non-migration and not affecting the haze. 

Recommend Product:SILIMER 5064SILIMER 5065, SF series


 Schematic diagram of the state of slip agent in the film

Amide or low molecular weight polysiloxane, migrate on the surface of the film  

Ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane tends to migrate to the surface layer, but the molecular chain is too long to be completely precipitated, forming a silicon-containing lubricating layer on the surface  

Copolymerized polysiloxane, the long carbon chain active functional group can produce physical or chemical bonding with the matrix resin, which is equivalent to the role of rivets, and the siloxane chain segment is on the surface layer, which plays a smooth role


• PP、PE films


Good hot slip

Low COF and non-migration

Low haze and high transparency

Not affecting printing


 Key data

SF105 is used to test the change of friction coefficient of PP film with time after aging


Temperature 60℃ Humidity 50% Time 48h

 Key data

SILIMER 5065 is used to test the influence of PP film on haze 

Different additions of SILIMER5065 have almost no effect on the haze of the film